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C42 Membership typeAnnual FeeDetails
Free Memberships
Individual Investorfreeincluded in investors list
Institutional Investorfreeincluded in investors list
Publisher & MediafreeBlogger, website publishers, and social media publisher
Fee Memberships*to be defined
Issuerto be definedToken or coin issuer, MLM operator, etc.
Financial Services Provider (FSP)to be definedoperators of ICO, MLM, exchanges, etc.
Professional Services Provider (PSD)to be definedlawyers, auditors, accountants, consultants, etc.
(*) coming soon

How it Works

C42 Watchdog is a global and multi-jurisdictional initiative to support investors and good actors. Currently, we are in our pilot phase. To become an early C42 Watchdog member please follow the instructions:

  1. Request membership with the form below
  2. We check your request and upon approval, we send you a membership link.
  3. Make the payment (if a fee membership type)*
  4. Register on our website
  5. You will be included in our C42 memberhsip listings

(*) Fee memberships will be launched soon. Currently, you may only apply for free memberships.

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