The Crypto42 Watchdog Initiative

Crypto42 Watchdog

A Global Investors Protection Initiative

Make sure that Scammers never win. Ever! Together we can mobilize the cryptocommunity to protect good actors and investors! The C42 Watchdog Shield is here to protect. Join it now!


C42 Watchdog’s mission is to systematically advance the crypto-community by protecting good actors, fighting the bad ones, and shielding the bright side of the future CryptoEconomy from the dark side.


The C42 Watchdog tasks are to educate and protect market participants, fight bad actors and fraudulent investment schemes and support authorities. We have to perform our task globally with a multi-jurisdictional approach.


C42 Watchdog is a community-driven project. To fulfill our mission we need a joint effort-approach of professionals, investors, and the C42 coordinators. The efficiently connected community is key to live up to our mission.