The Crypto42 Watchdog Initiative

Crypto42 Watchdog

A Global Investors Protection and Funds Recovery Initiative

Crypto42 Watchdog Shield

The Scam Challenge

Our Mission

“Consumers have lost $ 532 million in just the first two months of 2018, we expect that consumers will lose more than $3 billion by the end of 2018”. – US Federal Trade Commission

“Everyone, who is aware of a SCAM or of a Fraud in the Crypto-world and is not reporting/fighting these SCAMS or Fraud is contributing and fostering these SCAMS”. – Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer CoinShares

Investors Protection & Funds Recovery

Make sure that scammers, bad actors, and fraudulent schemes never win. Together we can mobilize the cryptocommunity to protect & support good actors, identify bad actors, and educate investors! The C42 Watchdog Shield shall be the globally visible sign of our initiative.

Education and Advocacy

C42 Watchdog’s mission is to educate the crypto-community on scam identification, custody solutions, crpyto-regulation, self-assessment of ICO´s and so on.  We also will cooperate with local regulatory authorities to shield the bright side of the future CryptoEconomy on a multi-jurisdictional level.

Investigations & Disclosures

In a joint effort with our global C42 Watchdog community, we identify bad actors, structure and analyze information and publish reports. Our intelligence gathering teams track down non-disclosed information about issuers and their people.

Support Claims

In close cooperation with lawyers, experts, in-house resources and our global C42 Watchdog community, we support investors to enforce their claims against fraudulent projects on a global basis.

Good Actors Shield

C42 Watchdog Initiative ShieldThe Crypto42 Watchdog Shield (C42 Shield) is the visible symbol of our investors’ protection initiative. Good actors are entitled to place the C42 Shield on their website and in their papers.

To be entitled to carry the C42 Shield good actors have to apply to our initiative. We verify the data and upon confirmation include the good actor in our C42 White List.

C42 Watchdog Universe